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Jiggy Jaguar

Included in the book, "Radio wants you an intimate Portrait of 700 Radio Shows that welcome guests." Past guests on the program include Dean Koontz,William Shatner, and Neil Diamond. Internet talk radio host since 2000 at one time was heard 24-7-365 at point or another on a internet station, world wide. Podcasting came into the mix and Jiggy kept going with an average download rate of 23,000 per week off one Podcast location. First starting out with Shock talk and now News and Political talk. Not Left or Right and certainty does NOT call it down the middle. Whether it's news, Music,sports or pop culture. Jiggy is talking about on the BIGG SHOW! Jiggy Jaguar writes a weekly column online and operates an online magazine called "The MIC" at themic.info, Jiggy also hosts 3 Cable Access TV shows{Jiggy Jag TV-A entertainment and Variety program featuring local and unsigned bands and performances plus adult film stars,etc.} {SAMPLE TEXT: a political and public affairs themed program, featuring guests as Sen. Pat Roberts{Kansas}. Now a monthly round table with every area of Politics covered joined by a Democrat,Republican,Independent, and special guests such as Community leaders and media figures} Finally a soon to be produced M-F 1hr Views/news program called LIVE FROM SALINA.{Call-in and Political talk}. Jiggy also has hosted a weekly syndicated music program called "Homegrown Half Hr". 16 years of broadcast excellence and still going.

action Cory

The Action has been with Jiggy Jag TV since last year....Back up camera man and co-host of the Battleship known the world over as Jiggy Jag TV.

Ross Long-The BiGG Star

The rabble rousing ring leader, Ross is the man behind the camera and the guy that makes this engine go. Ross is the man behind doing Live Internet Television called Livestream. Ross is also the man behind the camera of some of the biggest interviews in our history such as Otep, Eddie Money,2 Live Crew,Mike Massey. Ross is the straw that stirs the drink on Jiggy Jag TV. He does not allow his visage to be publically presented. Ross is also the man who proclaims Computers are not toys and are tools.

Anne Shiever-A freshEntertainment Magazine

Anne Shiever


Contributing Writer, Reviewer, Photographer, Interviewer, & Artist.


For the past 10 years Anne Shiever has been leaving her unique touch to the world of ART & ENTERTAINMENT. Because of her strong drive and dedication, she is rapidly becoming an icon as a fabulous interviewer, publicist, photographer, and review writer especially in the Art, Entertainment & Music Industry. Anne will do whatever she can to help artists!!!! Anne’s enthusiasm, devotion, and love for art & music highly regards her as an excellent exclusive resource as an Artist and Promoter for all art and music interests!

When it comes to great photography, Anne Shiever hopes she can help those gifted unsigned musicians since they don’t always get the recognition for hard work, dedication, and their devotion to the music industry like they should! Anne goes that extra mile to help out the musicians with promotional work, press kits, graphic art, and publicity with interviews, reviews, & fantastic live shots. She is known for International, National, Local and Regional photography and numerous magazines, newsletters, newspapers, promotions, press kits, etc. Some of the National Acts she has photographed or interviewed are: The Nelson Twins, Styx, Twisted Sister, ACDC, Skindred, Sevendust, Disturbed, Alice Cooper, Poison, Daryl Singletary, Jason Boland, Two Live Crew, John Berry, Theory of a Deadman, Eric Himy, Marquise Knox, Drowning Pool, Extreme Midget Wrestling, MMA, and many others. She is known for her festival techniques as both a writer and photographer. She has attended Rocklahoma, Rockfest, Mid-west Rockfest, Smoky Hill River Festival, Kansas State Fair, and many other big events!

Anne has over 40 + years experience in photography and for the past five years she has been honing her craft in concert photography. Anne says there is always more to learn as digital age develops new techniques. She has a very special gift as an artist to see what others may not always see. Anne was one of four nominees for Best Photographer of the Year in 2009 by Kansas City Entertainment and she was the only female nominated for this honor throughout the state of Kansas!

Serving four years in Office for the Kansas Author’s Club {in existence since 1904}, Anne Shiever is highly respected as an artist, jewelry model, journalist, poet, photographer, & promotional specialist! Out of over 500 members of the KAC, Anne Shiever has served as a Vice-President for two years, and President for two years in the District4 of the KAC and will be Vice-President for 2011. Anne Shiever is also a KAC State Board Official as Assistant Recording Secretary for three years, and also on the representative committee member for promotions.

Anne has been published numerous times all over the world Anne was also a Kansas Poet Nominee for Kansas Poet Laureate competing against Denise Low in 2006-2008. She was one of three nominees who came from KAC District 4 which was a record for Kansas Poet Laureate nominees who were also Kansas Author’s Club Members. Anne Shiever is noted as one of the most prominent writers in KAC. Many of her books are archived in the Spencer Library and Museum of Lawrence Kansas as a part of Kansas Heritage and History. Her wonderful romance book “Captivated” was highly nominated for BEST POETRY BOOK OF 2005 in Romance Poetry by Muses Review Magazine, where she was also a featured poet of the month.

Anne has also written and illustrated children’s books, and has done several dedication books. Anne currently writes song lyrics, poetry, short stories, entertainment reviews, and is working on three novels. Anne also writes, takes photography, and hosts for several magazines. She helps edit for a couple new on-line magazines, and is the major contributing writer, interview host, and photographer for Afresh Entertainment Magazine. She is the host of Afresh TV and a videographer for KJag Radio/TV. She does freelance writing as a poet, and a journalist along with her photography art too. Anne is a board member of Scantlin Entertainment, Contributing writer and photographer for Project Backstage, and a Photographer for Jiggy Jaguar TV just to name a few.

Among her other talents, Anne Shiever is also an artist. She loves making jewelry from metal components, as well as one of a kind beaded art. She is also an accomplished artist in AMC, PMC, and polymer clay in jewelry making and designs. She was also a jewelry model. Anne created the “International Friendship Angel” on Sept. 11, 2001 from a paperclip. Her story was in numerous newspapers and her little angel has been sent to friends in the USA and overseas. She loves making angels and other gifts. She has money clips and jewelry for men, as well as unique gifts for children too. Anne is always creating new things. Her and her husband both share the love of art, especially working with metals. Anne also paints and draws. She has her own line of greeting cards and stationary from photography art and poetry writing. She was a featured artist in numerous galleries through Kansas. She is also an accomplished state recognized artist and writer.

Anne has also been a business woman since 1984 when she started Westside Bait and Tackle. She also added the business of Anne’s Collectibles and Gifts due to the seasonal activity. In 2011, Anne will be remodeling her store to her Art Gallery and Photo Studio. Her plans are doing more with radio talk shows and television/video production too. She is also a volunteer producer and a desk-top publisher. Plans are in the making for a full photo studio, radio music show and television talk show for 2011. Anne also works full-time as a Saline County employee.

You can send Anne Shiever a note at: shutterbunnyanne@gmail.com if you would like to set up a photo shoot for any of your needs. Anne is one of the best “on location” photographers in the Kansas area. You can also view some of her work at these sites:




TESTIMONIALS - (Here are some of outstanding credentials this fine artist has achieved for herself in a very short time!)

NATIONAL LEAGUE OF AMERICAN PEN WOMEN INC--Anne Di Bella says, Anne is one who hears the needs of others and will answer it!

LOTUS BOOK PUBLISHER--Melanie Schurr says, “Anne is an artist that is a real pleasure to work with and her sweetness is reflected in all of her work!”

NEW YORK TIMES AUTHOR--“Teresa Riordan says, Anne is an extremely talented lady, a beautiful poet!

SISTERS IN THE LORD MAGAZINE editor--“Diane Moore says, It will be a difficult decision for us to chose which poem/song lyrics to publish and they are very inspirational and touching. I hope you will continue to write stories and poems for others to read. We look forward to publishing more of your work in the future, and your book is on my wish list!

STREBOR BOOKS INTERNATIONAL AND SIMON & SCHUSTER Author-- Jimmy Hurd says, “Nothing is more attractive than a strong woman, independent, free-spirited, intelligent, confident, and articulate. What a fantastic recipe! Anne you already own all of these attributes and more. I am honored to be among those you consider dear friends. Never stop writing and net-working!”

HOMETOWN MAYOR--“Eleanor Hunter says, Anne I own all of your books and have read them over and over again more than just once. I feel that you write just as well as the great William Shakespeare did for his own time. I look forward to reading more from you. Write from the heart as you do and always be pleased with yourself. You have a gift that is unique.

MUSES REVIEW MAGAZINE—“Anne you are one of the best romance poets we have ever heard from. Your book is simply amazing. We are happy to announce to you that you have been nominated with Captivated as the best poetry book for 2005!”

KC ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS—“Anne Shiever, you have been nominated as one of the Best Photographers for 2009. What a great honor. The awards will be announced in May of 2010.”

AFTER DARK SEDUCTION MAGAZINE—Callie Brecker “Anne you are a top notch prize photographer and a terrific writer. I love all your interviews and your poetry. You are one of the most fascinating women I know. Never stop living your dream!”

KANSAS ORIGINALS—Kay Metlin “Anne you always amaze us with your creativity. We love all your angel designs and your books. We look forward to seeing you every year. People love your stuff!”

CLASSMATE OF WHS--TERRI PARKS “Who in the world would have ever even thought a quiet, shy little girl like you were in school would ever become such a fascinating woman as you are right now? I love your poetry books and your angels. Keep up the great work.”

KAC Archivist—Gail Martin “Anne since you have joined KAC, you are one of our most prominent writers. I loved reading all of your books. You have a gift, and I am glad you share it with others. Keep writing!”


You can do an internet search for Anne Shiever. Follow Anne on twitter as “shutterbunnyann” or “AfreshAnne”. Find her on myspace and facebook too under Anne Shiever and Afresh Entertainment Magazine. Add Anne Shiever to your friend’s list today! Watch video interviews with Anne Shiever and the artists through Youtube, blip tv, and other resources. Watch the Anne Shiever Artist Promo Video here:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPb7nSbjc3g Anne Shiever bio demo

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CD49jfloNo Anne Shiever artwork demo